Let’s get you some Insurance.

Discover Insurance to protect what is most important to you.
Discover Insurance to protect what is most important to you.

Insurance simplified

Real People

We use the latest technology and comparative insurance raters to find you the best insurance, but the most important we have support of a live staff to process all your insurance needs.


Learn, Compare, Apply

We create articles and posts with educational information on our learning center.

Let’s get you some Insurance.

We Are In Ohio Serving Ohio

We are in Columbus Ohio and we are dedicated to helping our fellow Ohioans get great insurance.

Frequent Questions

How are we different than other?
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We do the shopping for you. We offer top highly rated insurance companies all in one place so you can save time and money.

We are a family owned business and our licensed staff is well trained and versed, and they will never use high pressure tactics with anyone.

How are we compensated?
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We are paid a commission on the policies we sell through the insurance carrier.

As an agency, we do not charge any type of fees like some other agencies do.

How do we shop our carriers to find you the best price when we have so many?
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We use what is called a Comparative Rater. We simply input your information which then gets sent out to all the carriers and within a minute they return their prices.

From there we choose the best one for you similar to shopping online for flights and hotels.